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Fort Worth/ Tarrant County Furniture Removal 


Eagle Mountain Hauling Furniture Removal

When you hire Eagle Mountain Hauling for any of our services, you have the reassurance that you’re getting the best service possible at an affordable price. We’re here to help our community reclaim their space, and we make it happen for less than the big-box franchises. Eagle Mountain Hauling is licensed and insured to operate in and around the Fort Worth area. As a full-service junk removal provider, we take the hassle out of lifting, hauling, and disposing of your unwanted furniture items. We have the training and tools to do so safely and efficiently. If you have questions about our furniture removal process, service areas, or what we take, give Eagle Mountain Hauling a call. We’ll help you get the information you need and find a time that fits with your schedule. Call us today for your furniture removal needs.

What We Stand For

Eagle Mountain Hauling is committed to bringing you a furniture removal service that exceeds your highest expectations. We operate in and around the vicinity of Fort Worth, Tarrant and Parker counties. We support our communities through job creation, eco-friendly practices, and assisting in home improvement goals for both residential and commercial areas. While we offer a variety of services, for any of the items we collect, our first stop is to donation and recycling centers. We’re helping to divert items from taking up space in landfills while keeping our neighborhood green.

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The Furniture Removal Process

We could be at your home or office in less than 24 hours! With same-day and next-day availability, we work with you to find a time that best fits your schedule. The Eagle Mountain team will arrive at your door in uniform and assess whatever you want us to take. Once we’ve been able to see your items in-person, you’ll be provided with a free, no-obligation quote. We price our service based on the amount of space your items take up in our vehicle and always share our quotes upfront. Once you give us the ‘ok’, we get started then and there, quickly hauling your unwanted furniture items. We also have single item pricing if you only have one piece of furniture or mattress. Call Eagle Mountain Hauling for your Fort Worth furniture removal needs. 

Book With Eagle Mountain Today!

Are you ready to get started? Eagle Mountain Hauling is! It’s easy to book your appointment–just call or use our online booking tool to secure the time you’d like. That’s it! Eagle Mountain Hauling takes care of the rest. For all the things we hire Pros for, furniture removal should be no different. We save you time, energy, and resources, not to mention preventing personal injury or damage to your property. Get the job done right. Call Eagle Mountain Hauling today!

About Eagle Mountain Hauling Furniture Removal

  • Call our team at Eagle Mountain Hauling or, alternatively, book online to schedule a furniture removal.

  • When we get there, we’ll give you a no-obligation quote upfront. We don’t have any hidden costs or fees so you’ll know what to expect at payment time. If it’s a single item, prices are online.

  • Once you approve our quote, we’ll start loading up whatever furniture items you’d like disposed of.

  • Now you don’t have to walk around this large obstacle and can enjoy this new space!

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